Supporting Learning at Home

As of September 2019, all children should be receiving homework on a weekly basis. This will consist of a reading and a maths based task based on the work of the class. Age specific work may also be given, such as phonics for younger children or spelling, grammar or other aspects of language for our older chldren.  The homework given should reflect the ability levels of the children and the content may also be at the discretion of each individual teacher. From time to time, teachers may also give out topic based tasks or work based on other curricular areas, as and when relevant. 

If any parent wishes to discuss the content of the homework or if they wish to request more/less work in any area of the cucciculum, please contact the class teacher who will be happy to help. 



Advice for parents to support reading.pdf

Reading at Home - P1-2.pdf

Reading at Home - P3-4.pdf

Reading at Home - P4-7.pdf

Online Resources to Support Reading.pdf