Vision Values and Aims


Our Vision, Values and Aims

At Sandbank Primary we have recently held a series of consultations aimed at streamlining our Vision, Values and Aims. Parents, pupils, staff and the wider community were asked to consider what values are most important to us. Once the values were chosen, all stakeholders the question ‘What do our Values mean to you?’ The feedback from this was used to create our overall vision statement and our aims, which we have aligned with our values and relate closely to the unique context of our school.

Our Vision is to provide a happy, supportive and challenging learning environment where all children and families can achieve their maximum potential.

This is underpinned by our 6 core values and aim statements:


Aim - We set high expectations for all, promote a ‘can do’ attitude in everything we do and embrace lifelong learning opportunities linked to our local context and beyond



Aim - We respect ourselves and others at all times and everyone takes pride in their school, acknowledging our unique outdoor space and location



Aim - We provide and encourage leadership opportunities across our school and children regularly lead learning at all stages of Gaelic and English Medium Education



Aim - We promote a culture of openness and honestly across our whole school community, where everyone’s opinion is listened to and valued



Aim - We are kind and caring towards each other at all times and we embrace our uniqueness in relation to Gaelic/English Medium provision, as well as the overall cultural and social diversity of our school community



Aim - We regularly reward and share our successes as a school. We recognise the personal achievements of our children and families by celebrating and communicating success in a range of ways